Location: Winterton, Lincolnshire, England (SE9218)
Year: Publ. 1901
Time of Occurrence: Plough Monday
Collective Name: [Not given]


Mabel Peacock
Plough Monday Mummeries
Notes and Queries, 9th Series, 27th April 1901, Vol.VII, p.323



{The introductory speech of the clown given below differs from the that in the above dialogue [Hibalstow]. It was copied by Miss Mina Fowler from the version of a village boy at Winterton, but the rest of the "ditties" have yet to be collected.}


In comes I, ohs [I've?] never been before,
With my big head and my little wit.
If my head be big and my wit be small
I'l act Tomfool among you all.
Ah, Ah, Ah, you and me,
Little brown juden [jug?] , I love thee.
If I had a cow that gave such milk
I'll clothe her in the richest silk.
I'll feed her on the best of hay,
And milk her forty times a day.
In comes I, hungry and dry,
Please will you give us a bit of pork-pie.

{The request which concludes this speech smacks of the soil, for pork-pie is a favourite dish among high and low in the county of Tennyson and Newton, where "pig-meat" is held in great esteem.}


Peter Millington's Notes:

This fragment is the second of four texts published in this article. The general introduction implies that they all were performed on Plough Monday by "plough-jags", although there is no such specific information for this fragment.
"ohs", which Peacock suggests means "I've" is in fact more likely to be a rendition of "who's".
"Little Brown Jug" was a popular music hall song.

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