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This page gives a full list of the articles, book reviews, photo features and news items that have appeared on the Master Mummers website. See also our Frequently Asked Questions, the blog, and the website's Archive.
Title Author Date
Book Review: "Discordant Comicals: The Hooden Horse of East Kent"
by George Frampton
Peter Millington 15th Jul.2019
Book Review: "In Comes I: Forty Years of the Wantage Mummers"
by Robert Wyndham Nicholls
Peter Millington 27th Feb.2016
Book Review: "The Jumbies' Playing Ground: Old World Influences on Afro-Creole Masquerades in the Eastern Caribbean"
by Robert Wyndham Nicholls
Peter Millington 8th Mar.2016
Horse's Skull from Hooton Pagnell, South Yorkshire Ruairidh Greig 18th Dec.2015
Double Book Review: "Life, Liberty, and the Mummers" by E.A.Kennedy III, and
"The Philadelphia Mummers" by Patricia Anne Masters
Peter Millngton 30th Dec.2013
Galoshans in Los Angeles and Detroit Denise Downie 15th Dec.2013
International Mummers Festival 2013 Peter Harrop 30th Nov.2013
Folk Play News and Updates, September 2013 Peter Millngton 16th Sep.2013
Book Review: "Yesterday's Country Customs: A History of Traditional English Folklore"
by Henry Buckton
Peter Millngton 30th May 2013
Programme of the 2nd International Mummers' Festival Symposium 2012, Bath Dunja Njaradi 13th Oct.2012
Book Review: "Who Wants to see the White Boys Act?": The Mumming Play in the Isle of Man: A Compendium of Sources'
compiled by Stephen Miller
Peter Millington 17th Jun.2012
Programme of the Mummers' Unconvention Symposium 2011, Bath Dunja Njaradi 17th Oct.2011
Review: The Ordish Collection: Transcriptions of Folk Plays collected by Thomas Fairman Ordish,
edited by Andrew Bennett
Peter Millington 31st Mar.2011
DVD Review: Mummers Plays of England: In Comes I: Wessex Peter Millington 17th Mar.2011
Engineering Reflections: Construction of a Modern Mummers' Play Gavin Skinner 2nd May 2010
A Victorian Impression of Mummers in 1377 Peter Millington 14th Dec.2009
Introducing the Interactive Folk Play Atlas
You never knew nonsense could be so meaningful
Peter Millington 26th Nov.2009
Tristan da Cunha issues an Okalolies Stamp Peter Millington 22nd Sep.2009
Book Review: 'Book Trade Connections from the Seventeenth to the Twentieth Centuries',
ed. by John Hinks & Catherine Armstrong
Peter Millington 14th May 2009
Book Review: 'Acadian Mi-Carême: Masks and Merrymaking',
by Georges Arsenault
Norman Stanfield 14th Apr.2009
Book Review: 'Several Forms of Speech',
by Arnold Rattenbury
Peter Millington 26th Feb.2009
Junior Mumming Project Kim Woodward 15th Feb.2009
Christmas, New Year & Plough Monday, 2008/2009 Peter Millington 6th Feb.2009
A Painting of Mummers at Chilworth Peter Millington 16th Dec.2008
'No Vain Sacrifice': An Appreciation of Reginald Tiddy Peter Millington 1st Oct.2008
Book Review: 'Border-Crossing: Mumming in Cross-Border and Cross-Community Contexts',
edited by A.D.Buckley et al.
Mike Pearson 17th Jul.2008
Obituary: Bernard Fishlock. Mike Pearson 20th May 2008
Book Review: 'Masks and Mumming in the Nordic Area',
edited by Terry Gunnell.
Peter Millington 6th Apr.2008
Mayhem at Marshfield, The bodies pile up. Mike Pearson 4th Mar.2008
The Potterne Mummers strike again! Bob Berry 12th Dec.2007
Folk Play Books published in 2007 Peter Millington 12th Dec.2007
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