The Potterne Mummers strike again!

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Potterne Mummers, Wiltshire
Potterne Mummers, Wiltshire, England. Photo: Bob Naylor

No - we are not downing tools for better pay - but we are considering doing so for better conditions!

As you may be aware, there are severe restrictions on the performance in England of traditional plays such as ours. In a nutshell, this yearly activity is being restricted because the Mummers fall into a chink in the recently legislated entertainment licensing law.

Because it is called a play it has been treated the same as say, a full theatrical performance or a musical. Because of this all pubs would need to have on their licence, the words "Performance of a play" in order for the mummers to perform there. Many pubs, understandably, do not have this and not likely to want to pay between £100 and £630 to place an amendment to their licence either.

So we at Wiltshire Folk Arts and The Potterne Mummers have mounted a campaign to try and get the Government to see the problems we have, but in order to do that we need lots of correspondence from anyone and everyone we can find that supports the campaign.

This is going to be a monumental task but with a lot of help and a following wind, we seriously believe we can make a difference and allow these type of events to happen unimpeded by petty bureaucratic nonsense. If you want to know more about what we are planning, or what we have done so far, please email us. We'll put you on the campaign mailing list and keep you updated with events as they happen.

So here we go!!! . If you can help please do so by writing or emailing your thoughts to us and we will try to make something happen.

At the time of writing, the list of venues that the Potterne Mummers will be playing at this year is still being put together. If you would like to know more, please email us and we will send you the details. Or you can call us (07714 550990) for the latest info as it comes in. We definitely will be performing in Everleigh, Devizes, Market Lavington and Potterne.

Bob Berry, Wiltshire Folk Arts & Potterne Mummers

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