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This is the programme for the academic symposium held in association with the Bath International Mummers Unconvention on Friday November 18th 2011, at Burdall's Yard, 7A Anglo Terrace, London Road, Bath BA1 5NH, courtesy of Bath Spa University.

Symposium theme: Aspects of Performance

Click here for the abstracts of the papers, or on the author links for individual abstracts.
See also the author's biographies and photographs
9.00 - 9.30 Coffee and registration
9.25 Introduction by Steve Rowley
9.30 - 10.50 Chair: Peter Harrop
[Full PDF 410kB]
Panel One: Mumming/Theatre/Performance
[Full PDF 226kB]Tom Brown 'Six actors I've brought'
[Full PDF 270kB]Bill Tuck 'Experiments in the reconstruction of early 18th century English pantomime'
[Full PDF 733kB]Mike Pearson 'Perform or Else: The Marshfield Mummers in Performance'
10.50 - 11.15 Coffee
11.15 - 12.35 Chair: Mike PearsonPanel Two: The New World?
[Full PDF 179kB]Lynn Lunde 'Illegal acts in disguise: Mumming as a component of collective social action in 19th century Newfoundland'
[Full PDF 445kB]Steve Rowley 'Bajan Mummers - Have they lost the plot?'
[Full PDF 1.67MB]Peter Millington & Caspar James 'Mummies and Masquerades: English and Caribbean Connections'
12.35 -2.15 Lunch and Stands - introductions and displays from:
Doc Rowe
Ron Shuttleworth: Morris Ring Folk-plays Archive
Duncan Broomhead: Traditional Drama Research Group
[Full PDF 828kB]Peter Millington: MasterMummers.Org
2.15 - 3.35 Chair: Peter MillingtonPanel Three: Contemporary Mumming
[Full PDF 88kB]Graham Clarke 'Guisering today on the Derbyshire/Nottingamshire border'
Roger Duncan 'Rockness Mummers play: Performed by the people of Rockness for the people of Rockness'
[Full PDF 310kB]Gavin Skinner 'An illustrated talk concerning the Brunel play'
3.35 - 4.30 Tea and conversation
Steve Rowley in conversation with Hat City Mummers (USA) and Bal de Malcasats (Spain)
4.30 - 5.30 Chair: Dunja NjaradiPlenary session
Doc Rowe, Peter Harrop, Mike Pearson, Steve Rowley, and Peter Millington
5.30 Close
If you have any enquiries regarding the Symposium's programme,
please contact Dunja Njaradi -
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