Guysers from Brinsley, Nottinghamshire in 1971. Left to right: Doctor, Saint George, Beelzebub
Guysers from Brinsley, Nottinghamshire in 1971. Left to right: Doctor, Saint George, Beelzebub
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The title of this database may seem self-evident, but the "Related Customs" cover a multitude of additional material. The primary focus is on folk plays and Plough Monday customs that were performed in the county of Nottingham. As the traditions were strong in the border areas, we have also included some material from Derbyshire and Lincolnshire, as well as other nearby counties. If a given source covers other traditions, then these are briefly mentioned as well.

The secondary coverage is of sources on folk plays and Plough Monday published in Notts., but perhaps relating to other parts of the country. There are also more general sources, which have either had an influence on the Nottinghamshire traditions, or have influenced the scholarship.

About the Lists

There are four lists, from which there are links to further information. For each listed item there is a record containing the full bibliographic details. In most cases there is also an abstract of what the source contains, although brief items are quoted in full.

The geographical listings are alphabetical lists of sources by place name within the relevant county. Please note that we have retained the spellings as they appear in the original source. Thus, for instance, "Wyverton Hall" and "Wiverton Hall" are the same place, as are "Broughton" and "Upper Broughton".

The bibliography is simply an "author" listing of bibliographic details. n.b. Many sources are anonymous, so these appear either under the name of the publication (e.g. Nottinghamshire Guardian), or under the name of the source collection (e.g. M.W.Barley Collection)


Originals or copies of most of the sources in this bibliography are held by Local Studies Library, Nottingham Central Library. Angel Row, Nottingham. Further help can be found on the page giving Advice on Sources.

We wish to acknowledge the help and encouragement we have received from the staff of the Nottingham Local Studies Library. We also wish to acknowledge the contributions made to this index by our friends, and these have been acknowledged individually at the foot of each item.

This list was first put online by Peter Millington on a personal website that became the Folk Play Research Website ( When this was redeveloped in 2018, it was decided by mutual agreement to move the Nottinghamshire List here to the Master Mummers website.