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Title Date
Reenacting the Charney Bassett Mummers' Play 2018-12-12
Updated Nottinghamshire List of Folk Plays 2018-02-16
Percy Manning Centenary Events 2017-02-25
Plough Monday Season - January 2015 2015-01-08
Latest Folk Play News - November 2014 2014-11-24
Latest Souling and Folk Play News, Oct.2014 2014-10-30
Eddie Cass 2014-09-25
Call for Papers for the 4th International Mummers Festival Symposium 2014 2014-09-22
Folk Play News and Updates, June 2012 2012-06-21
Help Fix the Licensing Act for Folk Plays 2011-10-20
Call for Papers: Mummers' Symposium on 'Aspects of Performance' 2011-05-31
Master Mummers updates and other folk play news 2011-04-03
Some Folk Play News, December 2010 2010-12-02
Soulcaking Season 2010 2010-11-04
The Blue Stots Return - Again 2010-10-06
New Explorations in Irish Folk Drama 2010-05-24
'Traditional Drama Studies' to be Digitised 2010-05-04
Seasonal House-visiting in South Yorkshire 2010-04-28
Pace Egging in Ulverston, Easter 2010 2010-04-06
Midgley Pace Eggers 2010 2010-04-03
Welcome to the Master Mummers Blog 2010-04-01