Location: Laurieston, Kirkudbright, Scotland (NX6864)
Year: Reported 1897
Time of Occurrence: Hallowe'en
Collective Name: [Not given]


Rev. Walter Gregor
Further Report on Folklore in Scotland
Report of the Sixty-Seventh Meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science, Toronto, August 1897, App.1, London, Murray, 1898, pp.259-261



{Hector, Slasher, and Beelzebub enter the house and say:}

[Hector, Slasher and Beelzebub]

Hallowe'en, Hallowe'en comes but once a year,
And when it comes we hope to give all good cheer.
Stir up your fires, and give us light,
For in this house there will be a fight.


Here comes I, bold Hector:
Bold Hector is my name,
With my sword and my pistol by my side
I'm sure to win the game.


The game, sir! The game, sir!
It's not within your power;
For I will cut you up in inches
In less than half an hour.


You, sir!


I, sir!

{They draw swords and fight.}


Do, sir! die, sir!
{Slasher falls.}
Oh, dear! What's this I've done!
I've killed my brother's only son.
A Doctor! A Doctor! Ten pounds for a doctor!
What! No doctor to be found?

{The Doctor enters.}


Here comes I, old Doctor Brown,
The best old Doctor in the town.


What diseases can you cure?


All diseases, to be sure,
I have a bottle by my side,
All mixed with polks and eggs;
Put it in a mouse's blether,
Steer it with a cat's feather;
A drop of it will cure the dead.

{The medicine is administered.}


Get up, old Bob, and sing a song.

{Slasher jumps up.}


Once I was dead and now I'm alive;
God bless the old Doctor that made me survive.

{Beelzebub comes forward.}


Here comes I, old Beelzebub,
And over my shoulder I carry my clogs,
And in my hand a frying-pan;
So don't you think I'm a jolly old man?
And if you think I am cutting it fat,
Just pop a penny in the old man's hat.


IndexerÂ’s Notes:

Scanned from the transcript in:
B.Hayward (1992) Galoshins : The Scottish Folk Play. Edinburgh, Edinburgh University Press, 1992, ISBN 07486 0338 7, pp.234-235.
Hayward gives the page in Gregor (1898) as p.259, whereas E.C.Cawte et al (1967) give the pages as pp.459-461.

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