Gunthorpe (SK6844), Nottinghamshire

Nottingham Guardian (1953)

[Anon.] (Auth.)
Nottingham Guardian, 6th Jan.1953, No.30124, p.5 c-e

Describes the revival of a Plough Monday play at Bulcote, Notts., and produced by Mrs. Phyllis Underwood. She compiled the text from several Notts., versions; South Scarle (from Mr.J.G.Holmes), Gunthorpe (from Mr. John Barker), and Scarrington. The performers were; Arthur Clay (Beelzebub), Brian Mowbray (Lady Bright and Gay), Harold Adams (Tom Fool/Bold Tom), Ted Knight, Tom Snaith, Jack Whitworth, and Cyril Brookes. Other characters were; Old Dame and Doctor.

L.Hanna (1981)

Lynn Hanna (Auth.)
*Owd Oss Mummers
*Nottingham News, 16th Jan. 1981

Report of the Plough Monday tour of Nottingham's Owd Oss Mummers around Gunthorpe and East Bridgford. There are two photos. One shows Tom Fool arguing with Dame Jane over the baby, and the other show the Doctor restoring Dame Jane to life. Other characters were; Ribboner, Recruiting Sergeant, Lady Bright and Gay, and Beelzebub. The article also recounts some of the groups research activities, and anecdotes of their performances.

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