Carlton-in-Lindrick (SK5984), Nottinghamshire

E.L.Guilford Collection (1922, R.Ramsden)

*Robert Ramsden (Col.)
*[Christmas Old Tup and Old 'Oss plays from Carlton, Notts.]
*E.L.Guilford Collection, 31st Jul.1922, Ref.M/9911/1 & 2

*Letter describing the Tup plays then current in Carlton[-in-Lindrick], Notts. The Moming plays were performed at Christmas and were entitled "The Tup's Head" or "The Old Tup". The full text (91 lines) has the characters; Tup, Soldier, Leader, Sally and Butcher/John. There is an introductory verse and four verses about the size of the Tup. There is then a dialogue in which the Soldier buys the Tup from the Leader, and Sally calls on the Butcher to stick it. The final six verses descibe what happened when the Tup was killed, and what use his body parts were put to.

It is also noted that an "Old 'Oss" or "'Osses 'Ead" play was performed at Christmas up to 1907

M.W.Barley Collection (1953)

Anon. (Inf.)
Notts.: Plough Plays [and Derby Ram]
*M.W.Barley Collection, Col. 1951, Ref.Ba P 1/14

"Tradition of play at N. Leverton up to about 1910.

Tradition of Derby Ram at Creswell and Carlton near Worksop. Done by children.

(From members of N. Leverton class, 1951)."

M.Howley (1962)

Mike Howley (Col.)
The Little Tup [Carlton-in-Lindrick, Notts.]
Folk, Oct.1962, No.2, pp.9-10

This is the text (35 lines) of a Tup play, performed by about six men at Christmas time in Carlton-in-Lindrick, Notts., about 1906. An introductory verse was sung outside the door. Three more verses describing the size of the Tup were sung inside, then there was a dialogue between the "Leader" and "1st Character", as a result of which "Jack" (a butcher) kills the Tup. Three more verses are sung, describing what use was made of the dead Tup. The performers received cakes and money. The tune is given for the song.

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