Grantham (SK9135), Lincolnshire

Lincoln, Rutland & Stamford Mercury (1846)

[Anon.] (Auth.)
*Lincoln, Rutland & Stamford Mercury, 10th Jan.1846, pp.3c

"The ill effects of what are termed "ancient customs" were strikingly exhibited on Monday last in Grantham. A party of about 30 farm-labourers and servants from the neighbouring village of Barrowby, after canvassing the town, sallied from the resorts where the proceeds of their exertions had been expended, and compelled the inhabitants to "remember the poor plough-boys" by wrenching off door-knockers and committing other aristocratic depredations, for which about a dozen of them are summoned to appear before the Mayor on Monday next, on the "drunk and disorderly" charge. We shall probably furnish the public with their names and residences in our next publication."

P.Spratley (1977) pp.1-8

Philip Spratley (Auth.)
P.Spratley (1977), pp.1-8

Text of a Plough-Jags/Ploughboys play (141 lines, 3 tunes) collected from Claypole, Kesteven, Lincs., and performed through Epiphany tide. Plough Monday and Christmas are also mentioned in the text. The characters are; Fool/Tommy, Recruiting Sergeant, Farmer's Man, Lady, Old Dame Jane, Beelzebub/Beelzie and Doctor. The play was also performed at Fenton and Stubton, Lincs. It was revived in Bottesford, Leics., and for Grantham Festival of Music and Drama in 1972. A list of the revival performers is included.

The tune for the sung dialogue is virtually identical to that from Blidworth, Notts., in P.T.Millington Collection (1971, H.Clark).

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