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Dunvant Christmas Sport, Collected 1916
Mid-Berkshire Mummers 1888

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Line Dunvant Christmas Sport, Collected 1916 Mid-Berkshire Mummers 1888
1. a room a room a gallant room and in this room i do intend to play christmas sport for me an my braayve men
2. christmas sport in former age  
3. taught boys and girls to act upon the stage zuch actin you never zee upon another staayge
4. if you do not believe what i do say an if e wunt belave what i hev had to zaay
5. bolt in father christmas clear a way  
6. in comes i old father christmas welcome in or welcome not welcome or welcome not
7. i hope old father christmas will never be forgot hoping awld veyther christmas ull never be vorgot
8. old father christmas has a short time to stay  
9. ere the valiant soldier will take his life away  
10. in comes i old valiant soldier bold slasher is my name beau slasher is my naayme
11. with my sword and pistol by my side i am sure to win this game an by my sharp zoord at my zide i hopes to win the gaayme
12. in comes i old turkey s knight  
13. from turkey s land i sprang to fight  
14. i ll fight this man with his courage bold  
15. if his blood is hot i ll quickly make it cold  
16. to whom to whom thy challenge gave  
17. to thee to thee thou turkish dog  
18. pull out they purse and pay  
19. pull out they sword and fight  
20. satisfaction i shall have before i go away this night  
21. look see look see what i have done  
22. cut down a man ere even sun  
23. me and seven more beat eleven score  
24. marching in so many wars  
25. fought saint george and all his men  
26. can any doctor be found  
27. to cure this man of his deadly wound  
28. oyes oyes in comes i old ten pound doctor  
29. i can cure the itch the palsy and the gout the itch the stitch the palsy an the gout
30. if there be one devil in this man i can kick twenty out  
31. i ve got a little bottle in my inside pocket called alecampagne  
32. drink a drop jack and live to fight again rise up king gaarge an vight agaain
33. on comes i old tommy noddy  
34. all head and no body  
35. all feet and no toes  
36. give me money and off i goes  
37. in comes i old beelzebub come in veyther beelzebub
38. on my shoulder i carry my club who on thy shawlder cars a club
39. in my hand i carry my hat under thee erm a drippin pan
40. to beg some money to make me fat  
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