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2. Stanford-in-the-Vale, Berks. [Mummers, 1900]
Belfast Christmas Rhyme - Smyth & Lyons (1803-1818)

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Line 2. Stanford-in-the-Vale, Berks. [Mummers, 1900] Belfast Christmas Rhyme - Smyth & Lyons (1803-1818)
1. here comes i father christmas welcome or welcome not  
2. i hope old father christmas will never be forgot  
3. a room a room i do presume  
4. pray give me room to rhyme room room brave gallant boys come give us room to rhime
5. for we have come to show activity this merry christmas time we are come to show our activity in christmas time
6. acting youth or acting age active young and active age
7. was never seen before or acted on the stage the like was never acted on a stage
8. if any man can do more than me  
9. walk in king george and clear the way enter in prince george and clear the way
10. here comes i king george the valiant man  
11. with naked sword and spear in hand  
12. i fought the fiery dragon and brought him to slaughter  
13. and by these means i won the king of egypt s daughter  
14. and what mortal man dare to stand shew me the man that dare me stand
15. before me with my sword in hand i ll cut him down with my courageous hand
16. i ll slay him and cut him as small as flies i ll cut you and slash you
17. and send him to jamaica to make mince pies  
18. come in bold slasher  
19. in comes i this turkish knight  
20. with thee king george i mean to fight  
21. i ll fight thee thou man with courage bold  
22. if thy blood s hot i ll make it cold  
23. wo ho my little fellow thou talk st very bold  
24. pull out thy sword and fight  
25. or pull out thy purse and pay  
26. i ll have satisfaction with thee afore thou go st away  
27. come in doctor  
28. doctor doctor where bist thee  
29. king george is wounded in the knee  
30. five pound or ten pound i ll freely lay down if there s a noble doctor to be found  
31. in walks the noble doctor i am a doctor pure and good
32. travels much in this country more at home nor i do abroad  
33. i ain t like these little quee quack doctors  
34. and goes about for the good of the country  
35. what diseases can st thee cure doctor what can you cure doctor
36. all diseases just which my box of pills pleases  
37. itch stitch palsy and the gout the palsy and the gout
38. all pains within and pains without i can cure the plague within the plague without
39. do st think thee can st cure this man doctor  
40. what s the matter with your man  
41. i think he s got toothache  
42. bring me my spectacles and pliers and my box of pills and a little medicine  
43. oh yes sir  
44. he s got him going rolling like a wheel barrow  
45. round and round like a grindstone  
46. in my box i carry my pills  
47. and in my bottle i carry my smills  
48. hand by hand there s no restrain  
49. rise up king george and fight again  
50. here am i king george with shining armour bright here come i saint patrick in shining armour bright
51. famous champion also a worthy knight a famous champion and a worthy knight
52. seven long years in close cave i was kept seven long years in a close cave have i been kept
53. out of that into prison i leapt and out of that into a prison leapt
54. from out of that into a rock of stones and out of that unto a rock of stone
55. there i laid down my grievous bones where there i made my sad and grievous moan
56. many a giant did i subdue many a giant i did subdue
57. when i ran the fiery dragon through i run the fiery dragon thr and thro
58. i fought the man at tollatree i fought them all courageously
59. and still i gained the victory and still have gained the victory
60. first i fought in france second i fought in spain  
61. third i came to tetbury to fight the turk again  
62. come in molly  
63. my name is not molly tinker  
64. my name is mary tinker small beer drinker  
65. i told the landlord to his face  
66. the chimbley corner was his place  
67. my head s so big my wit s so small  
68. i ve brought my fiddle to please ee all  
69. ladies and gentlemen my story is ended gentlemen and ladies since our sport is ended
70. the money box is well recommended our box now must be recommended
71. five or six shillings will do us no harm nine or ten shillings would do it no wrong
72. silver or copper or a drop of beer if we can all silver and no brass
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