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Atkinson's "St. George and the Turkish Knight", 1885
W.Walker's Peace Egg Chapbook - 1840-1877

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Line Atkinson's "St. George and the Turkish Knight", 1885 W.Walker's Peace Egg Chapbook - 1840-1877
1. room room brave gallants room room room brave gallants give us room to sport
2. i m just come to shew you some merry sport and game  
3. to help pass away this cold winter day  
4. old activity new activity  
5. such activity as was never seen before  
6. and perhaps will never be seen no more  
7. here come i old father christmas christmas christmas welcome or welcome not  
8. i hope old father christmas will never be forgot  
9. all in this room there shall be shewn  
10. the dreadfullest battle that ever was known  
11. so walk in saint george with thy free heart  
12. and see whether thou canst claim peace for thine own part  
13. in comes i saint george saint george the man of courage bold  
14. with my broad sword and spear i won ten crowns of gold  
15. i fought the fiery dragon and drove him to the slaughter twas i that fought the fiery dragon and brought him to the slaughter
16. and by that means i won the king of egypt s daughter and by those means i won the king of egypt s daughter
17. therefore if any man dare enter this door i ll hack him small as dust 1. inch thee and cut thee as small as flies
2. inch me and cut me as small as flies
18. and after send him to the cook s shop to be made into mince pie crust  
19. here comes i the turkish knight  
20. just come from turkey land to fight  
21. i ll fight thee saint george saint george thou man of courage bold  
22. if thy blood be too hot i ll quickly fetch it cold  
23. wo ho my little fellow thou talkest very bold  
24. just like the little turks as i have been told  
25. therefore thou turkish knight  
26. pull out thy sword and fight draw out thy sword and slay
27. pull out thy purse and pay pull out thy purse and pay
28. i ll have satisfaction ere thou goest away  
29. satisfaction no satisfaction at all  
30. my head is made with iron my body lined with steel 1. since it is made of iron and my body s made of steel
2. since my head is made of iron my body s made of steel
31. i ll battle thee to see which on the ground shall fall  
32. you battle me come on then i ll rub your nose  
33. i ll smash your turban d nob and chop off your toes  
34. you hold your tongue saint george none of your chaff here  
35. wail till i ve wallop d you won t you just look queer  
36. oh only behold and see what i have been and done  
37. gone and kili d my brother just like the evening sun  
38. i have a little bottle call d elecampane  
39. if the man is alive let him rise and fight again rise jack and fight again
40. o pardon me saint george o pardon me i crave  
41. o pardon me this once and i will be thy slave  
42. i never will pardon a turkish knight  
43. therefore arise and try thy might  
44. saint george saint george what hast thou done  
45. for thou hast slain mine only son  
46. what shall i do here lies my noble boy  
47. how can i save him his mother s only joy  
48. is there a doctor to be found  
49. that can cure this man lies bleeding on the ground  
50. o yes there is a doctor to be found  
51. that can cure this man lies bleeding on the ground  
52. o doctor doctor what is thy fee  
53. look sharp now and tell me  
54. ten guineas is my fee but ten pounds i ll take of thee ten pounds is my fee but jack if thou be an honest man i ll only take five of thee
55. that s cheap enough where is my purse  
56. i m not sure i ve got it  
57. doctor what canst thou cure what diseases can you cure
58. i can cure the ague palsy and the gout the itch the stitch the palsy and the gout
59. and that s a roving pain that goes within and out  
60. a broken leg or arm i soon can cure the pain  
61. and if thou break st thy neck i ll shortly set it again  
62. bring me an old woman of fourscore years and ten  
63. without a tooth in her head i ll bring her young and plump again  
64. doctor you are a knowing chap i see you twig  
65. look here now how much will you take for your wig  
66. you want a wigging come get out of my light  
67. i m going to cure the turk so budge sir knight  
68. thou be st a noble doctor if that s all true thou be st talking about  
69. i m not like these little mountebank doctors  
70. that go about the streets and say this and that and the other  
71. and tell yon as many lies in one half hour as you would find true in seven years  
72. but what i does i does clean before your eyes  
73. and ladies and gentlemen if you won t believe your own eyes it is a very hard case  
74. tis doctor  
75. i carry a little bottle by my side that i call golden foster drops  
76. one drop on the root of the man s tongue and another on his crown  
77. and it will strike the heat throughout the body and raise him off the ground  
78. arise arise thou cowardly dog and see how uprightly thou canst stand i  
79. stand upright i should think so i m all serene  
80. saint george thought he d kill d me but he s jolly green  
81. my son my son how glad i am you re well  
82. for your recovery you must thank this swell  
83. the rascal he drugged me you nasty old quack  
84. i ve a great mind to kick you  
85. hold you foul black  
86. you re an ungrateful turkey cock stick up your gills  
87. but you sha n t insult me a purveyor of pills  
88. never mind him doctor let him and his governor go home  
89. i say sir salaheddeen go quietly home into your own country  
90. and tell them what old england has done for you  
91. how saint george has floored you  
92. yes and tell your folks we english will fight ten thousand better men than you  
93. merry old england for ever  
94. peace peace what a shindy what s the matter  
95. come back sir what s your name who is your hatter  
96. no more fighting and squabbling think of the season  
97. remember it s christmas time that s the best reason  
98. why all should be peaceful and happy and kind  
99. united in friendship and all of one mind  
100. stop and i ll shew you the happiest life  
101. not fighting but love and a sweet little wife  
102. here comes i little johnny jack  
103. wife and family at my back  
104. my family s large though i am small  
105. and so a little helps us all  
106. roast beef plum pudding good beer and mince pie  
107. who loves that better than father christmas and i  
108. bravo bravo  
109. old father christmas is quite right  
110. i m sure it s very wrong to fight  
111. i ll give up fighting  
112. and i ll take a wife and have some wedding cake  
113. so will i so will i  
114. i ve got my old woman at home  
115. i see a girl to love she is out there  
116. she has two rosy lips and jet black hair  
117. i see a girl to love her eyes are blue  
118. i ll whisper in her ear beauty be true  
119. i see a girl to love i ll doctor her free  
120. whenever she wants it if she will love me  
121. here is the wife i love friends look at us  
122. here are my boys and girls we never fuss  
123. we are as happy as happy can be  
124. and we hope you may all be as happy as we  
125. three hearty christmas cheers will make us merry and sing  
126. some money in our pockets will be a very fine thing  
127. so ladies and gentlemen all at your ease  
128. give the christmas mummers what applause you please  
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