Bath International Mummers Festival 2012 - Photographs

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The 2nd Bath International Mummers Festival took place on the Friday 16th & Saturday 17th November 2012. An academic symposium was held on the Friday, with performances and workshops taking place around the city centre on the Saturday.
Photographer: Peter Millington, except where stated.
Saturday Performances: All the groups posing in front of Bath Abbey
All the groups posing in front of Bath Abbey with the Mayor and Mayoress
Photographer: Graeme Walker of Brighton Mummers. Larger sizes available on Flickr.
Graeme Walker's Mummers poster Procession Gathering: Graeme Walker photographing the mummers
Graeme Walker tried to photograph everyone for his "Faces of Mumming" A3 poster, downloadable from his Flickr album for the Festival.
Saturday Performances: Frome Valley Mummers: Cure
Frome Valley Mummers: Cure
Saturday Performances: Ripley Guisers outside Bath Abbey
Ripley Guisers outside Bath Abbey
Saturday Performances: Brafront Guizers posing
Brafront Guizers
Saturday Performances: Fingal Mummers
Fingal Mummers from the Republic of Ireland - the Festival's special guests
Procession Gathering: Steve Rowley Procession Gathering: Stoney Stratford's Beelzebub
Festival organiser Steve Rowley (with Gloucestershire Morris Mummers),
and Stoney Stratford's Beelzebub gathering for the procession
Procession Gathering: Stoney Stratford Mummers
Gathering for the procession: Stoney Stratford Mummers
Procession: Fine Lady Revellers
Procession: Fine Lady's Revellers
Procession: Fingal Mummers' musicians
Procession: Fingal Mummers' musicians
Procession: Coventry Mummers and Brafront Guizers
Procession: Coventry Mummers and Brafront Guizers
Reception: Mayor and Mayoress with Steve Rowley
Mayor of Bath, Councillor Andrew Furse, and Mayoress Mrs Mei-Ling Chou Furse with Festival organiser Steve Rowley speechifying at the Mummers' Reception
Workshop: Fingal Mummers
Fingal Mummers in mufti for Sean MacPhilibin's workshop
on the Co.Dublin Mumming tradition
See also the Symposium: Photographs, Programme, Abstracts, and Authors' biographies.
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