Folk Play Distribution Map: Beelzebub versus Father Christmas

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Question Marks indicate uncertain or special locations.
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black Here comes I old Beelzebub
red Here come I old Father Christmas, Welcome or welcome not
  1. Known composite scripts prepared by known authors have been omitted.
  2. Chapbooks, broadsides, and other commercial texts have been omitted.
1. Omit known composite scripts prepared by literary authors
2. Omit chapbooks, broadsides & commercial texts


This map is an improved version of one that appeared in my PhD thesis (Millington, 2002, pp.275-277, Map 21), and in a later article (Millington, 2003, pp.106-107, Map 8). In this version, generated by the Scripts Explorer, the markers are coloured, whereas the original maps had monochrome markers. The scripts database has also grown slightly since 2002 (Millington, 1994-2006).

This map is discussed fully in my Traditional Drama Forum article (Millington, 2003). The gist is that the distributions of Beelzebub and Father Christmas have very little overlap, and it is suggested that Father Christmas was introduced as a more religiously acceptable alternative to Beelzebub.

The main thing to add here is that omitting the known literary composite scripts removes the northern Father Christmas outliers, and thus emphasises the minimal nature of the overlap between the two distributions.

Peter Millington


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This map was generated from the Folk Play Scripts Explorer.
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