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'Rockness Mummers play. Performed by the people of Rockness for the people of Rockness'


The Rockness mummers play was written by the poet Tom Clarke in 2001 for the people of Rockness. It has been performed by the people of Rockness in a ring of fire on the street on twelfth night for a number of years. Last year the 10 anniversary, we performed the play in a nearby hamlet and also near Bristol and it was well received. Mixing community spirit, fire, and ancient archetypes this play has been a catalyst for building community spirit on a small road in Gloucestershire In this symposium I would like to present the story of the Rockness mummers play from the first performance of a traditional play from Sapperton and a realisation that this tradition was broken. I will give the background of getting a new play written and performed on the street and the impact on the community of Rockness. I will also present some thoughts about the characters and archetypal nature of the mummers play and links with sense of place. I could also possibly show a film of the performance to illustrate this.

About the author

Roger Duncan is Deputy Principal of Ruskin Mill College, waldorf educator, Systemic family therapist and one of the founder members of the Rockness mummers.

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