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Opinions and views expressed in items on this website are those of the individual contributors (named either as author or in the copyright declaration), and they are not necessarily those of the Master Mummers website or its webmaster.

Copyright & Preservation

The copyright of all contributions remains with the authors. Authors grant Master Mummers and its successors a licence to publish their contributions on its website and any equivalent hardcopy publications produced under the Master Mummers imprint.

Authors also give Master Mummers or its designated third parties permission to make copies for the purposes of long-term preservation, including any reformating that may be necessary to ensure continued readability.

Contributors are expected to respect other people's copyright and to obtain formal permission to reproduce copyrighted material where required by UK law. Where proven cases of copyright violation are brought to the attention of Master Mummers, the offending material will be promptly removed from the website or suitably re-credited, according to the wishes of the copyright holder.


Personal details that are not already in the public domain will only appear on Master Mummers' public web pages with the permission of the person concerned. Email addresses are rendered using a method that makes it unlikely that they will be harvested by spammers. Personal details will be removed from the website upon request, either totally or in part.

Personal details will not be included in syndicated services such as RSS feeds.

No personal details will be passed to third parties without permission. We will, however, forward appropriate bona fide enquiries.


The Master Mummers website is operated on a not-for-profit basis, and the information it contains is provided free of charge. However, we may seek to defray our costs by, for instance:

  • Offering extra services at nominal cost
  • Encouraging small voluntary donations
  • Accepting appropriate paid-for non-intrusive adverts
  • Selling branded merchandise
  • etc.

We may also seek funding for special projects, to cover staff, equipment and service costs. We would be particularly interested in participating in joint bids for project funding with suitable organisations.

Termination & Preservation

In the unlikely event that the Master Mummers website is wound up, we will endeavour to pass the content to a website or organisation with similar interests and aims. The same applies to the domain name.

Where possible, we will participate in acredited schemes to preserve the website's content in the long term.

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