Muskham Pinkies 2010

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The Muskham Pinkies performing the local plough play at the Ferry, North Muskham, Nottinghamshire, England, 16th Jan.2010. They made a special effort to dress up brightly to make up for an exceptionally cold and bleak winter. Photographer: Peter Millington.
Muskham Pinkies 2010, Group photo
The Master of Ceremonies (David Haslam) mourns the death of Tom Fool before calling the Doctor. David, a former Muskham resident, travelled up on the train from Grantham in full costume, complete with evil looking scythe - here being looked after by an audience member.
Muskham Pinkies 2010, The Doctor holding forth
A particularly fearsome Eezum Squeezum enters. (Doctor, Recruiting Sergeant, Tom Fool and Master of Ceremonies in the background).
Muskham Pinkies 2010, The Little Clown enters
The Little Clown enters.
Muskham Pinkies 2010, 'Good master and good mistress' - The Final Song
'Good master and good mistress' - The Final Song.
(left to right: Eezum Squeezum, Doctor, Recruiting Sergeant, Tom Fool, Master of Ceremonies (partly hidden), Lady Bright and Gay.
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