Thorney (SK8572), Nottinghamshire

E.M. (1924)

E. M. (Auth.)
*Nottingham Guardian, 9th Jan.1924, No.21153, p.6d

*The author describes the mummers play he saw performed in Thorney at Christmas-tide each year between 1898 and 1906. It was performed at Plough Monday or more usually Christmas Eve. The actors came from Harby or sometimes Broadholme. The actors called themselves Morris Dancers and never Mummers, but there was almost no dancing. The author claims the play was almost identical to that in "Cavalier Stronghold" by Mrs. Chaworth Musters.

59 lines of text fragments are given, plus 16 lines of a closing song. The characters were: Tom Fool, Recruiting Sergeant, Weeping Willie [equivalent to the Ribboner], Buxom Nell/Lady, Buxom Joan [equivalent to Dame Jane], Saint or King George, Beelzebub/Heesum Teesum, and Doctor.

Regarding the fight: "Now comes Saint or King George who is challenged and defeated by the Sergeant. Sometimes King George was followed by Beelzebub and the fight was between them. At other times Saint George did not appear and the Sergeant fought Beelzebub."

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Nottingham Journal (1941a)

[Anon.] (Auth.)
Tom Fool and Beelzebub: PLOUGH MONDAY PLAYS IN NOTTS.?
Nottingham Journal, 10th Jan.1941, No.35888, p.3c

General article describing plough plays in Nottinghamshire, including the following paragraphs:

"The Notts. villages where the text of such plays is still preserved are Scarrington, Farnsfield, Bothamsall, Lowdham, Cropwell Bishop, Blidworth, Norwell and Thorney."

"The last performance of a play recalled by Mr. E.E.Neale, of the Notts. Rural Community Council, was at Cropwell Bishop in 1938."

The words of the final song at Blidworth are quoted.

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