Normanton (SK6232), Nottinghamshire

Nottingham Guardian (1949b)

[Anon.] (Auth.)
Nottingham Guardian, 8th Jan.1949, No.28886, p.5 h

Report of a performance of Plough Monday play by the team from Tollerton, Notts. The account is based around the experience of Ernie Burton, who remembered seeing the play being performed when a child in Edwalton "over 50 years ago." Two or three text fragments are quoted, and the characters were; Tom Fool, Recruiting Sergeant, Farm Man/Farmer's Man, Dame Jane, Lady Bright and Gay, Doctor and Thrasher Blade. The itinerary included Hall Farm, Tollerton, Normanton, Knicker Hill, Cotgrave, Keyworth and Plumtree. All the actors are named. Ernie is quoted as saying, "In the old days it was the custom to take a plough and threaten to plough a furrow across the lawn if no reward was forthcoming."

Nottingham Journal (1949a)

[Anon.] (Auth.)
Mummers' Visit to Hall Farm: Medieval Play at Tollerton
Nottingham Journal, 8th Jan.1949, No.38366, p.6 d-f,e

Plough Monday play by a team from Tollerton, Notts., first revived in 1948. They also visited; Plumtree, Cotgrave, Keyworth, Normanton, and Nicker Hill. The characters were; Tom Fool, Recruiting Sergeant, Farmer's Man, Dame Jane, Old Threshing Blades, Doctor and Lady Bright and Gay. A photograph shows seven characters in costume watching Tom Fool knocking on door with the caption:

"The seven characters in Tollerton's Plough Play - all farm workers - which starts on Monday, had a dress rehearsal last night. Picture shows them arriving at the door of Tollerton Hall Farm to give the first performance with 'Tom Fool' knocking for admission."

Nottingham Guardian (1950a)

[Anon.] (Auth.)
PLOUGH MONDAY: Old Mummery Seen at Notts. Farms [Tollerton, Notts.]
Nottingham Guardian, 10th Jan.1950, No.29197, p.3 f-g

Description of a performance of a Plough Monday Ploughboys' Play by a team from Tollerton and district, Notts. Plough trailing in the past is mentioned. The Tollerton custom ceased about 1908, but was revived in the early 1930s. It again lapsed during the Second World War, but was restarted in 1948 by Mr.A.H.Brown of Hall Farm, Tollerton. This 1950 team started in Plumtree, and ended at Normanton. All the actors are named, and the characters were; Tom Fool, Recruiting Sergeant, Farmer's Boy, Lady Bright and Gay, Dame Jane, Threshing Blade and Doctor.

Nottingham Journal (1950b)

[Anon.] (Auth.)
Plough Week Play at Plumtree
Nottingham Journal, 10th Jan.1950, No.38677, p.6 a

Report of the "Tollerton and District Ploughboys" who performed in Plumtree and Normanton on the previous evening (Monday) and who would continue touring until the Saturday. Taking part were: George Ayto (Tom Fool), Ernest Burton (the Sergeant), Fred Hutchinson (Lady Bright and Gay), Percy Morris (Dame Jane), Raymond Clark (Threshing Blade) and F.Swanborough (Doctor).

Relates to Nottingham Journal (1950c).