Hoveringham (SK6946), Nottinghamshire

E.L.Guilford Collection (1922, A.S.Huskinson - a)

*Mr. A. S. Huskinson (Inf.)
*Plough Lads' Play [East Bridgford, Notts.]
E.L.Guilford Collection, Com. 7th Jul.1922, Ref.M/9913/1-6

*A letter and a Plough Monday Plough Lads' play text from East Bridgford, Notts., sent by Miss Gertrude Fox. The play was last performed by lads in the early years of the [Great] War, although previously performed by ploughboys.

The text is not a coherent whole. The bulk of the script is in folios 1 & 2. Folios 3 & 4 have additional lines for the Doctor, and the words of the final song for insertion into the script, and folio 5 has an additional part for the Farmer's Man. A notebook in Guilford's collection (Ref.M/9909) contains a collated version of this script (See TD00756).

The total cast comprises: Tom Fool, Recruiting Sergeant, Farmer's Man/Ploughboy, Lady Bright, King or St. George, and Doctor.

It is also mentioned that a plough was used if no money was given at Hoveringham, Notts.

Nottinghamshire Local History Council Collection (1960, E.M.Reader)

*Mrs. E. M. Reader (Col.)
*[Plough Monday play in Hoveringham, Notts.]
*Nottinghamshire Local History Council Collection, Col. 25h Mar.1960, Ref.DD/121/1/35

*Text fragment and notes on a Plough Monday play performed by young men in Hoveringham, Notts. The only character mentioned is the Doctor. When the play was done, the players were rewarded with refreshments. They were then swept out by lady of the house.

Nottingham Evening Post (1968)

[Anon.] (Auth.)
Plough Sunday [Plough Blessing at Hoveringham, Notts.]
Nottingham Evening Post, 31st Dec.1968, No.28179, p.10f

"Ploughing trophies won by Mr. George Allwood of Hoveringham, will be displayed at the Hoveringham Parish Church on January 12, because on that day Plough Sunday will be celebrated.

Mr. Allwood, who has been chosen to represent England in the international championship match in Yugoslavia next year, will lead the plough team taking part in the service."

I.T.Jones Collection (1981, J.A.Julian - a)

Mrs. J. A. Julian (Intermediary)
Hoveringham, Notts: Notes on phone call from Mrs J.A.Julian 17/2/81
I.T.Jones Collection, Com. 17th Feb.1981, Ref.K20-1

Phone call from Mrs Julian, Gunthorpe W.I. saying that her father could remember Plough Monday in Hoveringham and that she will try to find out what she can.

I.T.Jones Collection (1981, J.A.Julian - b)

Mrs. J. A. Julian (Intermediary)
Hoveringham, Notts: Letter from Mrs J.A.Julian 2/3/81
I.T.Jones Collection, Com. 2nd Mar.1981, Ref.K20-2

Letter from Mrs Julian dated 2/3/81 stating that her father is now in hospital but she will forward any information she can get.

Trader Pictorial [Newark] (2004)

[Anon.] (Auth.)
Reviving ancient tradition
Trader Pictorial [Newark], 7th Jan.2004, No.1189, p.2a-6

Large colour photo of the Muskham Pinkies, who had revived the plough boys' play from North Muskham, Notts., also performing at Norwell and Bathley. The original play had ceased at the start of second world war. The caption lists cast members Simon Simcox, Paul Cotter, David Haslam, Ian Harrison and Jeff Hannabuss. The accompanying article mentions the incident of 1597 when the plough boys ran a furrow across the churchyard.

Performances by the Calverton Real Ale and Plough Play Preservation Society are also listed for Calverton, Farnsfield, Epperstone, Lambley, Lowdham, Hoveringham, and Woodborough.

Newark Advertiser (2004a)

[Anon.] (Auth.)
REVIEWS: Plough play revived [North Muskham, Notts.]
Newark Advertiser, 9th Jan.2004, Vol.155, No.7931, p.Arts.10d-f

Article and two colour photos of the revival by the Muskham Pinkies of the ploughboys' play from North Muskham, Notts, also performed at Norwell and Bathley. The original tradition stopped at the start of the second world war. The captions list the following cast members: David Haslam, Dan Harrison, Simon Simcox, Paul Cotter, Keith Baines, Paul Lane, and Jeff Hannabus.

Performances by the Calverton Real Ale and Plough Play Preservation Society are listed for Farnsfield, Epperstone, Lambley, Lowdham, Hoveringham, Woodborough, and Calverton. Morris dancers performing after a Plough Sunday service at Morton, Notts., are also mentioned.

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