Edingley (SK6655), Nottinghamshire

A.S.Buxton Collection (No Date - b)

Albert Sorby Buxton (Col.)
Plough Boy's Play: Edingley Version [Notts.]
A.S.Buxton Collection, Black & red notebook, pp.23-29

Full text (75 lines) of a Plough Boys' play from Edingley, Notts. The characters are: First Man, Farmer/Farmer Man, St. George, Eesum Sqeecum, Sam, Bold Slasher, and Doctor.

This script is undated, but the next text in the notebook, from Worksop, is dated 1922, so the Edingley version is probably about the same year.

I.T.Jones (1981b)

I. T. Jones (Auth.)
The Owd Oss Mummers: PLOUGH MONDAY
The Bramley, Apr.1981, No.68, p.6e-f

Follow up letter regarding an appeal for information on Plough Monday in the Jan.1981 issue (I.T.Jones, 1981a). Mr. Steemson provided words of a play performed in Oxton until the 1890s. Mr. Ralph Brooke had the scrap book compiled by Miss L.F.Milner containing the play performed in Kirklington up to the First War. Mrs. Olifent and Mr. Robinson provided the play performed between the wars in Farnsfield, and recently revived at annual Plough Monday suppers. Mr. Jack Smith (via his daughter Mrs. Marshall) gave details of the Plough Bullocking play that he and others had revived in 1980 in Blidworth. This had been performed right up to the Second World War. Mr. Ernest Parkin remembered his father's Plough Bullocking in Edingley about 1891. Further locations mentioned where Plough Monday had been celebrated, but for not detailed information was available were Averham, Kneesall, Norwell and Southwell. The author had also obtained a copy of a Caunton text performed until about 1945.

I.T.Jones Collection (1981, R.Brooke - b)

Mr. Ralph Brooke (Inf.)
Kirklington, Notts & Edingley, Notts: Notes on visit to Mr Brooke 28/1/81
I.T.Jones Collection, Col. 28th Jan.1981, Ref.K3-2

Visited Mr Ralph Brooke, Greetbourne, Southwell Road, Kirklington. He keeps various items belonging to Kirklington Church including a scrapbook written by Miss L.F.Milner. Transcripts of parts of the scrapbook are recorded in Ref.K3-3 (TD00617) and Ref.K3-4 (TD00618). He knew nothing more about Plough Monday in the village. While I was there he phoned his friend Mr Ernest Parkin in Edingley and having found he'd heard of Plough Bullocking, sent me round.

I.T.Jones Collection (1981, E.Parkin - a)

Mr. Ernest Parkin (Inf.)
Kirklington, Notts & Edingley, Notts: Notes on visit to Mr Ernest Parkin, Edingley 28/1/81
I.T.Jones Collection, Col. 28th Jan.1981, Ref.K3-5

Visit to Mr Parkin, The Willows, Edingley on 28th January 1981. He remembered his father, a farmhand at Edingley Manor, telling him about Plough Bullocking night in Edingley. He thought it would be about 90 years ago. All the boys living in at the farms would go round 'plough bullocking' but he gave no further information. Mr Parkin is now 76. He remembers seeing mummers when he was young at Stoney Hufton and Hualt Hucknall on the Hardwick Estate in Derbyshire. About 8 people went round with a lantern. There was a doctor in it and he thought it was religious. He thought Nebuchadnezzar was in it. In 1915 when he was 10, Mr Parkin's family returned to Edingley. He cannot remember having seen anything happen in the village on Plough Monday.

I.T.Jones Collection (1981, E.Parkin - b)

Mr. Ernest Parkin (Inf.)
Kirklington, Notts & Edingley, Notts: Letter to Mr Parkin 6/2/81
I.T.Jones Collection, Com. 6th Feb.1981, Ref.K3-6

Transcript of letter thanking Mr Parkin for his help and enclosing a copy of the Edingley play from the A.S.Buxton collection.