Calverton (SK6149), Nottinghamshire

Nottinghamshire Countryside (1952)

[Anon.] (Auth.)
Plough Monday Plays [South Scarle and Calverton, Notts.]
Nottinghamshire Countryside, Jan.1952, Vol.13, No.3, pp.7-8

Describes the response to M.W.Barley's (1951) appeal for information on Plough Monday plays. Three replies are detailed;

The first is the full text of a Plough-bullocking or Morris Dancing play from South Scarle, Notts., sent in by Mr.J.G.Holmes. His letter is printed in full next to a photo of him. The text (116 lines) was collected during a follow up visit and includes detailed descriptions of the costumes. The play was performed before 1882 and featured the characters; Tom Fool/Bold Tom, Farmer's Man, Lady, Recruiting Serjeant, Dame Jane, Beelzebub/Belzie, and Doctor.

[Further recollections of Mr Holmes' childhood in South Scarle are given in J.G.Holmes (1952) - TD00589.]

The second reply from Mrs.F.G.Brooks mentioned Plough Monday at Calverton, Notts. Fragments of text include lines for Eezum Squeezum, and an unnamed character similar to Molly/Sally Mop at Mansfield.

Lastly, Mr. James Holloway described a Harvest Home tradition and song from Blidworth, Notts.

Nottingham Journal (1952)

[Anon.] (Auth.)
Plough Monday
Nottingham Journal, 14th Jan.1952, No.39300, p.4 c-d

A brief summary of Notts., Plough Monday plays, mostly taken from Notts. Countryside (1952). Mention is made of plays from Calverton (Eezum Squeezum's opening speech is quoted), and South Scarle, Notts., (recorded from Mr.G.W.Holmes). There are individual photographs of the characters Tom Fool, Recruiting Sergeant, and Dame Jane from the Tollerton play.

Nottingham Evening Post (1979 - b))

[Anon.] (Auth.)
Taking the toll [Calverton Plough Play at Woodborough]
Nottingham Evening Post, 8th Jan. 1979, No.31253, p.4e-g

Photograph with the caption: "Members of Calverton Theatre Group taking toll from customers of The Four Bells, Woodborough, on Saturday after giving a traditional 'Plough Play' in aid of the National Children's Home. Players (from the left) are John Calvert, Doctor, Tony Lewis, Ploughman, Michael Cupitt, Sergeant and the Devil, Paul Prior, taking a donation from Angela Copley."

I.T.Jones Collection (1982, I.T.Jones & A.Cockburn)

Mr. Idwal Jones (Col.); Miss Ann Cockburn (Col.)
Radio Nottingham Phone-In: Tape and Notes
I.T.Jones Collection, Com. 8th Jan.1982, Ref.L1-1

Tape and notes of a live phone-in on Radio Nottingham on Plough Monday 8/1/82 with the topic Plough Monday and Folk Customs. In the studio were Anne Cockburn and Idwal Jones with the interviewer Ms.Freddie Gaunt

Tape Counter (10 = ca.35 seconds):

93-114: Introduction and discussion in studio

180-196: Discussion in studio on the ancient society of horsemen

196-242: Discussion in studio on mummers plays and IJ singing the Owd 'Oss song.

242-294: Fred Buckley phoning in re the Plough Monday play in Blidworth.

294-347: Ethel Glossop phoning in re the Plough Monday play in Cotgrave.

375-425: Charles from Long Eaton phoning in re customs in Norfolk relating to the ancient society of horsemen.

425-432: Announcement about the Calverton Plough Boys performing in Oxton and Epperstone on 9th and 10th January 1982.

437-472: IJ singing the version of Good Master and Good Mistress used by the Owd 'Oss Mummers and discussion in studio.

472-505: George from Nuthall phoning in re guising in Brinsley and Underwood.

505-535: Gerry Fearnley phoning in re an Old Horse play in Bulwell.

535-551: Studio discussion on New Year customs.

551-572: Ann Frett phoning in re play from Scotland.

572-575: Closing remarks.

South Notts Advertiser (1983b)

*[Anon.] (Auth.)
Plough plays in pubs aid NSPCC [Calverton, Notts.]
South Notts Advertiser, 14th Jan.1983, Vol.131, No.6844, p.13

*Describes the activities of the Calverton, Notts. revival side.

S.Prince (1984)

Steve Prince (Auth.)
Calverton Echo plus Preservation Society News, 1984, No.99, Cover+2pp.

A brief general description of Plough Monday plays, and specifically relating to the Calverton Real Ale and Plough Play Preservation Society (CRAPPPS). These have revived a Plough Bullocks play featuring Bold Tom, Beelzebub, Doctor, Recruiting Sergeant, Lady Bright and Gay, Farmer's Man, Ribboner, Sankey Benny, Threshing Blade and Dame Jane.

Literature cited includes; William Howitt (1840) "Rural Life of England"...

E.Bryson (1984)

Emrys Bryson (Auth.)
It's devil of a lark for Plough Monday! [Play revival at Calverton, Notts.]
*Evening Post [Nottingham], 5th Jan.1984, p.6 a-d

Article with on the Calverton, Notts. Plough Monday play revival side, calling themselves the Calverton Real Ale and Plough Play Preservation Society (CRAPPPS). Their play, based on a Blidworth version, featured the characters; Tom Fool, Recruiting Sergeant, Farmer's Man, Lady Bright and Gay, Dame Jane, Doctor, Ribboner, Threshing Blade, Sankey Benny and Beelzebub. Detailed itineraries are given, covering Calverton, Blidworth, Epperstone, Woodborough, Lambley, Lowdham and Oxton. A photo of the 1979 play shows four characters collecting money from the audience. Background information on Plough Monday mentions Plough-Lights and Plough Trailing by Plough Bullocks. There is a quotation from the Gentleman's Magazine for 1672 relating to malicious ploughing.

E.Bryson (1988)

Emrys Bryson (Auth.)
Strange sights at the pub - even mum's got a beard! [Calverton, Notts., Plough Bullocking]
*Evening Post [Nottingham], 7th Jan.1988

Description of the "plough bullocking" play performed by the Calverton Real Ale and Plough Play Preservation Society (CRAPPPS), including the detailed 1988 itinerary. There is a photo of the character Beelzebub and Tom Fool is also mentioned. Plough trailing and malicious ploughing are mentioned regarding the original Plough Bullocks. The play was revived in 1978.

Trader Pictorial [Newark] (2004)

[Anon.] (Auth.)
Reviving ancient tradition
Trader Pictorial [Newark], 7th Jan.2004, No.1189, p.2a-6

Large colour photo of the Muskham Pinkies, who had revived the plough boys' play from North Muskham, Notts., also performing at Norwell and Bathley. The original play had ceased at the start of second world war. The caption lists cast members Simon Simcox, Paul Cotter, David Haslam, Ian Harrison and Jeff Hannabuss. The accompanying article mentions the incident of 1597 when the plough boys ran a furrow across the churchyard.

Performances by the Calverton Real Ale and Plough Play Preservation Society are also listed for Calverton, Farnsfield, Epperstone, Lambley, Lowdham, Hoveringham, and Woodborough.

Newark Advertiser (2004a)

[Anon.] (Auth.)
REVIEWS: Plough play revived [North Muskham, Notts.]
Newark Advertiser, 9th Jan.2004, Vol.155, No.7931, p.Arts.10d-f

Article and two colour photos of the revival by the Muskham Pinkies of the ploughboys' play from North Muskham, Notts, also performed at Norwell and Bathley. The original tradition stopped at the start of the second world war. The captions list the following cast members: David Haslam, Dan Harrison, Simon Simcox, Paul Cotter, Keith Baines, Paul Lane, and Jeff Hannabus.

Performances by the Calverton Real Ale and Plough Play Preservation Society are listed for Farnsfield, Epperstone, Lambley, Lowdham, Hoveringham, Woodborough, and Calverton. Morris dancers performing after a Plough Sunday service at Morton, Notts., are also mentioned.

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