[Not located], East Midlands

J.Whitelaw & P.Barber (1980)

'Squire' John Whitelaw (Auth.); 'Bagman' Phil Barber (Auth.)
Who are the owd 'oss mummers?
*Nottingham Topic, Jul.1980

Profile of the Nottingham revival folk play side the Owd Oss Mummers. It including 3 photos of them performing a Gloucestershire play with the characters Tom Pinney, Doctor, Maid Marion, Tanner, Little John and Robin Hood. A further photo shows them in the costumes of a St. George play. The article mentions plays being performed at Christmas and Plough Monday in the East Midlands, and also mentions the Owd 'Oss play from Mansfield after which they were named. The article recounts the revival of a play in Cropwell Bishop and Cropwell Butler in 1975. It also gives one or two anecdotes of performances.

J.Beckett & A.Henstock (1991)

John Beckett (Auth.); Adrian Henstock (Auth.)
Transactions of the Thoroton Society of Nottinghamshire, 1991, Vol.XCV, pp.2,10-14

An obituary, including two portrait photos. The biographical details concentrate almost exclusively on his archaeological and architectural interests, particularly in East Midlands. His work on Plough Plays is only mentioned in passing.

P.Millington (1992)

Peter Millington (Auth.)
Obituary: Maurice Willmore Barley: 19th Aug. 1909 to 23rd June 1991
Folklore, 1992, Vol.103, No.i, pp.108-109

An appreciation of the life of Maurice Barley, author of "Plough Plays in the East Midlands" (1953). It concentrates particularly on his work in collecting the Plough Monday plays, but also mentions his other activities in archaeology and English architectural history.

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