Master Mummers - Text of Plough Monday Play Performed at Bothamsall Until the 1914/18 War when It Was Discontinued. (Nottinghamshire Archives Collection (1953, D.D.Woodgate))

Nottinghamshire Archives Collection (1953, D.D.Woodgate)


Rev. D. D. Woodgate (Col.)
Text of Plough Monday Play performed at Bothamsall until the 1914/18 War when it was discontinued.
Nottinghamshire Archives Collection, Deposited 22nd Jan.1953, Ref.DD/31/1, Acc.148

Manuscript text (170 lines) of a Plough Monday play from Bothamsall, Notts. up to the 1914/1918 War. The characters are; an introducer, Tom Fool/Bald Tom/Tommy Long, Sergeant, Farmer's Man, Lady Bright and Gay, Jane/Turkey Turk, Beelzebub/Belzy and Doctor.

The manuscript appears to have been copied out as a calligraphic exercise, almost certainly from Notts. Record Office Collection (1968, D.D.Woodgate). There are a few minor differences - mostly punctuation. There are no line tags.

Index Terms:

Locations: Bothamsall, Notts. (SK6773)
Years: Perf. until 1914/1918
Subjects: Full Text; Plough Monday; Play; Introducer; Tom Fool; Bald Tom; Tommy Long; Sergeant; Farmer's Man; Lady Bright and Gay; Jane; Turkey Turk; Beelzebub; Belzy; Doctor
Archives: TDRG Archive, Ref. TD00398

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