Notes & Queries (1904)


Horatia K. F. Eden (Auth.)
Notes & Queries (Series 10), 8th Oct.1904, Vol.2, p.287

States: "MORRIS DANCERS' PLANTATION. - There is a spot marked with this name in the Ordnance map of Nottinghamshire. It is on the edge of Sherwood Forest, about a mile north of Thoresby Hall. What was the origin of this name? Can there have been a glade in the wood where morris dancers were allowed to practise their sword dancing? I can recollect that more than forty years ago a set of morris dancers used to come in the springtime to Ecclesfield Vicarage, near Sheffield, and perform intricate sword dances on the lawn. They were dressed quite differently from the morris dancers who came at Christmas. They wore dark green suits, with ribbons of the same colour hanging in short streamers, and they were called Sherwood Foresters. I believe their jackets and short trousers were made of velveteen or corduroy. They sang a song beginning:-

Bold Robin Hood
Was a forester good
As ever drew bow
In the merry green wood.

And there was a refrain to each stanza:

The wild deer we'll follow.
I should like to know whether any one else remembers these Sherwood morris dancers. Had they any connexion with the plantation at Thoresby? HORATIA K. F. EDEN.


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Locations: Morris Dancers' Plantation, Thoresby, Notts. (SK6472); Ecclesfield, Yorks. (SK3594)
Years: Publ. 1904
Subjects: Morris Dancers; Sherwood Foresters; Sword Dancers; Costumes; Robin Hood
Archives: TDRG Archive, Ref. TD00100

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