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Cold Ash and Hermitage Mummers [Website]


Folk Play-only Group

Home Town:

Cold Ash, Grid Ref.: SU5169, Lat.& Long.: 51.4217, -1.2593


Cold Ash mummers were formed after mummers featured in a village play. The play's author, Richard Marshall, founded the Mummers afterwards based on the remembered fragments of the original Cold Ash play. Over the years we have developed our own distinctive style and tradition.




Forthcoming: None registered


Past events:


GMap 19-Dec-2014

1. - 20:00

Sun in the Wood, Stoney Lane, Ashmore Green, Berkshire, RG18 9HF, England

2. - 20:30

Spotted Dog Inn, Gladstone Lane, Cold Ash, Berkshire, RG18 9PR

3. - 21:00

The Fox, Hill Green Lane, Peasemore, Berkshire, RG20 7JN


The Sun in the Wood has had an extensive refurbishment and are keen to carry on the tradition, as are the other pubs on our tour.


GMap 12-Dec-2014

1. - 20:00

Bunk Inn, Curridge, Berkshire, RG18 9DS, England

2. - 20:30

The Fox, Yattendon Rd, Hermitage, Berkshire, RG18 9RB

3. - 21:00

White Horse Inn, Hermitage, Berkshire, RG18 9TB


Good to be back at the Bunk after several year's absence. It was our very first venue 21 years ago. Had an enthusiatic welcome by the staff at both the Bunk and the White Horse, both of which have new management.


Other past years: 2002 (2), 2003 (2), 2004 (2), 2005 (2), 2006 (2), 2008 (2), 2009 (2), 2010 (2), 2011 (3), 2012 (2), 2013 (2), 2015 (2), 2016 (2), 2017 (3), 2018 (2), 2021 (2)

Media Links:

1. The Cold Ash Mummers performing on the 18th & 19th December 2003 in Cold Ash, Berkshire, England - Validated link
Folk Play Research - Photo(s) [5 images], Penny Pattison & Sepha Ascroft-Leigh, 18-Dec-2003


Richard Marshall (, Phone: 01635 200907 (Home) or 02071332353 (Work)
Address: Heathwaite, Slanting Hill, Hermitage, Thatcham, Berks, RG18 9QG

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