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Compiled by E.C.Cawte, A.Helm & N.Peacock. Online ed.: P.T.Millington

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IN addition to the collectors whose help is acknowledged through the references, we should like to thank the following for their help and information:

The Council of the Folk-Lore Society for permission to examine in detail and make use of the Ordish Papers; Miss Sara Jackson, former librarian of the Vaughan Williams Library, and her successor, Mrs Ruth Noyes, who not only made the library collection (Vaughan Williams Memorial Library Coll.) available to us, but also forwarded such examples as were received in that library whilst our work was in progress; the many collectors whose contributions are included under 'Vaughan Williams Memorial Library Coll.' (we should have liked to name them all, but the list would be too long); Dr Wilfrid Bonser, former Hon. Librarian, Folk-Lore Society, who has been of great help in tracing publications, often on the slenderest of information, which were otherwise inaccessible to us; Miss Christina Hole, for help in enquiries in the Oxfordshire area; Miss Janet M. Campbell, who generously made available to us her extracts from MSS in the Lincolnshire Records Office; Mrs Shelagh Herring, Mr K. J. Holland, Mr R. Green and others, who have sent extracts made from their own reading; the late Mr Stanley Godman, for his assistance with the West Itchenor, Sussex, play; Mr Nigel Hudleston and Dr R. A. Gailey of the Ulster Folk Museum for help with the Irish material; Mr Bob Copper, for the text of the Rottingdean, Sussex, play; the librarians throughout the country, who have patiently and willingly provided the many works of reference we have asked for, and who have, in addition, spent a lot of time and trouble in solving our problems for us; the performers and witnesses, who have often coupled valuable information with generous hospitality.

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