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Location Grid Ref. Extant Time of Appearance Text Play Class Sources Note
Barmby on the Marsh(SE6828)early 20th cty No TextHero-CombatCowling (1924)  
Bubwith(SE7136)c. 1896ChristmasFrag.Hero-CombatLangrick (1948), Carpenter Coll. [1.]
Cranswick(TA0252)c. 1886 TextHero-CombatBarley Coll. [2.]
Escrick(SE6243)c. 1884ChristmasTextSword DanceSharp Field Note Books, Sharp (1913), Carpenter Coll. [3.]
Great Driffield(TA0257)c. 1911Christmas and MartinmasFrag.DoubtfulSharp Questionnaire, Peacock (1956b), Dowson (1938)  
Hutton Cranswick(TA0252)c. 1886 TextHero-CombatBarley Coll. [4.]
Lund(SE9648)  No TextHero-CombatHudleston,N.A. Coll.  
Middleton on the Wolds(SE9449)  No TextHero-CombatHudleston,N.A. Coll.  
Riccall(SE6238)1837 Frag.Sword DanceCawte (1971) [5.]
RilIington(SE8574)  No TextHero-CombatHudleston (1955) [5.]
Thorganby(SE6941)c. 1874ChristmasTextHero-CombatCarpenter Coll. [5.]
Yedingham(SE8979)1938ChristmasNo TextHero-CombatHudleston (1955) [5.]


1.Pt.2 changes: c.1896 and source Carpenter Coll. added. Text availability changed from 'Frag.' to 'Text'.
2.Pt.1 change: New entry following correction of location from Hutton Cranswick to Cranswick.
3.Pt.2 changes: c.1870 changed to c.1884, text availability from 'Frag.' to 'Text', and class from 'Sword Dance + execution' to 'Sword Dance'. Source Carpenter Coll. added
4.Pt.1 change: [Delete entirely.] Amend location to Cranswick, clearly named in the original MS. Grid reference unchanged.
5.Pt.3 addition
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