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Here Jack, take a little of my nip nap / wiff waff

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Folk Play Distribution Map<br />Here Jack, take a little of my nip nap / wiff waff
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Key Line Variants
green take a little of my tip tap/rip rap
teal here jack take a little of my drip drop/flip flop
olive here jack take a little/drop of this nip nap/nick nack
lime take a little of my niff naff/wiff waff
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  1. Known composite scripts prepared by known authors have been omitted.
  2. Chapbooks, broadsides, and other commercial texts have been omitted.


This map is an improved version of one that appeared in my PhD thesis (Millington, 2002, pp.254-255, Map 5). In this version, generated by the Scripts Explorer, the markers coloured, whereas the original map was in monochrome. The scripts database has also grown slightly since 2002 (Millington, 1994-2006).

Peter Millington


Peter Millington (1999-2018) Folk Play Research: Texts and Contexts
Internet URL:, 1999-2018, accessed 24th Jan.2021
Retitled in 2018 - formerly 'Historical Database of Folk Play Scripts'.

Peter Millington (2002) The Origins and Development of English Folk Plays
PhD Thesis, University of Sheffield, May 2002     [Full Text PDF - 2.7MB]

Peter Millington (2004-2021) Folk Play Scripts Explorer
Internet URL:, 2004-2021, accessed 24th Jan.2021

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