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Mummers' Play from Hamstall Ridware (Staffs.) 1884
Mid-Berkshire Mummers 1888

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Line Mummers' Play from Hamstall Ridware (Staffs.) 1884 Mid-Berkshire Mummers 1888
1. i open the door i enter in  
2. whether i lose or whether i win  
3. if ever i rise i ll stand before  
4. i ll do my duty to please you all  
5. i am put off the ragged set  
6. put off the royal trim  
7. and if you don t believe what now i say an if e wunt belave what i hev had to zaay
8. step in bulgard and clear the way  
9. in comes bulgard bulgard is my name  
10. i ve just sprang from the english channel again  
11. i ve come to search this nation round and round  
12. and if i can find king george i ll give ten thousand pound  
13. king george king george stands at the door  
14. with his bright buckle sword by his side an by my sharp zoord at my zide i hopes to win the gaayme
15. he swears that he will tan thy skin  
16. in comes king george the noble champion bold  
17. with my bright sword and buckle by my side i won three crowns of gold  
18. what three crowns of gold didst thou win  
19. i won the emer she mer sham mer rock a  
20. i didst slay seven turks and brought them to the slaughter  
21. and by the means of this and that i won the king of egypt s daughter  
22. for a fair body or to fly  
23. or to conquer or to die  
24. tap tap art thou a prisoner  
25. tap tap art thou a rocky stone  
26. think i come here to be cut down like a dog  
27. yes  
28. show me the man that dare before me stand an if bevoor muh he durs stan
29. i neither care for thee nor thy bright sword in hand i ll cut un down wi this deadly han
30. pray what bold art thou  
31. i am the turkish champion from turkeyland i came  
32. i came to fight the daring king george they call his name  
33. and if he calls himself the champion i think myself as good  
34. and before i would surrender i would lose my precious blood  
35. stir up the fire and make a light  
36. and see king george and the turkey fight  
37. the hour is gone  
38. the clock s struck one  
39. tip tap bodge  
40. o king o king what hast thou done  
41. thou hast killed and slain my only son  
42. five pounds for a doctor  
43. no five pound doctor  
44. ten pounds  
45. here am i  
46. what can you cure doctor well what can st thou do jack
47. i can cure the itch the stitch the palsy and the gout the itch the stitch the palsy an the gout
48. if there s ninety nine diseases in i m sure to fetch one hundred out  
49. fetch one out then  
50. here jack take a sup of my nip nap  
51. rise and walk rise up king gaarge an vight agaain
52. i ve cured this man all safe and sound  
53. i ve healed his wound and quenched his blood  
54. and he is the best man that ever stood  
55. in come old woman beelzebub come in veyther beelzebub
56. over my shoulder i carry my club who on thy shawlder cars a club
57. under my arm a dripping tin under thee erm a drippin pan
58. don t you think me a merry old lady bent e now a jolly awld man
59. a rink tink tink and a sup more drink  
60. there are one two three four five six jolly actors  
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