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Galatian, a New-Year Play [from Peebles] 1841
Mid-Berkshire Mummers 1888

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Line Galatian, a New-Year Play [from Peebles] 1841 Mid-Berkshire Mummers 1888
1. haud away rocks and haud away reels  
2. haud away stocks and spinning wheels  
3. redd room for gorland and gi e us room to sing  
4. and i will show you the prettiest thing that ever was seen in christmas time  
5. muckle head and little wit stand ahint the door  
6. but sic a set as we are ne er were here before  
7. show yourself black knight  
8. here comes in black knight the great king of macedon  
9. who has conquered all the world save scotland alone  
10. when i came to scotland my heart it grew cold  
11. to see a little nation so stout and so bold  
12. so stout and so bold so frank and so free  
13. call upon galatian to fight wi me  
14. here comes i galatian galatian is my name  
15. sword and buckler by my side i hope to win the game an by my sharp zoord at my zide i hopes to win the gaayme
16. the game sir the game sir it is not in your power  
17. i ll hash you and slash you in less than half an hour  
18. my head is made of iron my heart is made of steel my body s lined wie lead my head is maayde of steel
19. and my sword is a ferrara that can do its duty weel  
20. down jack down to the ground you must go  
21. oh oh what is this i ve done  
22. i ve killed my brother jack my father s only son  
23. here s two bloody champions that never fought before  
24. and we are come to rescue him and what can we do more  
25. now galatian he is dead and on the floor is laid  
26. and ye shall suffer for it i m very sore afraid  
27. i m sure it was not i sir i m innocent of the crime  
28. twas this young man behind me who drew the sword sae fine  
29. oh you awful villain to lay the blame on me  
30. when my two eyes were shut sir when this young man did die  
31. how could your two eyes be shut when you were looking on  
32. how could your two eyes be shut when their swords were drawn  
33. is there ever a doctor to be found  
34. call in doctor brown  
35. the best in all the town  
36. here comes in as good a doctor as ever scotland bred  
37. and i have been through nations a learning of my trade  
38. and now i ve come to scotland all for to cure the dead  
39. what can you cure well what can st thou do jack
40. i can cure the rurvy scurvy  
41. and the rumble gumption of a man that has been seven years in his grave or more an any awld ooman dead zeven year
42. i can make an old woman of sixty look like a girl of sixteen  
43. what will you take to cure this dead man  
44. ten pounds  
45. will not one do  
46. no  
47. will not three do  
48. no  
49. will not five do  
50. no  
51. will not seven do  
52. no  
53. will not nine do  
54. yes perhaps nine may do and a bottle of wine  
55. i have a little bottle of inker pinker in my pocket  
56. take a little drop of it  
57. by the hocus pocus and the magical touch of my little finger  
58. start up john rise up king gaarge an vight agaain
59. oh my back  
60. what ails your back  
61. there s a hole in it you may turn your nieve ten times round in it  
62. how did you get it  
63. fighting for our land  
64. how many did you kill  
65. i killed a the loons but ane that ran and wadna stand  
66. oh once i was dead sir but now i am alive  
67. and blessed be the doctor that made me revive  
68. we ll all join hands and never fight more i ll be bound e ull rise up an vight no moor
69. we ll a be good brothers and we have been before  
70. here comes in judas judas is my name  
71. if ye put not silver in my bag for guidsake mind our wame  
72. when i gaed to the castle yett and tirled at the pin  
73. they keepit the keys o the castle and wadna let me in  
74. i ve been i the east carse i ve been i the west carse  
75. i ve been i the carse of gowrie  
76. where the clouds rain a day pease and beans  
77. and the farmers theek houses wi needles and prins  
78. i ve seen geese gawn on pattens  
79. and swine fleeing i the air like peelings o ingons  
80. our hearts are made o steel but our bodies sma as ware  
81. if you ve onything to gi e us stap it in there  
82. blessed be the master o this house and the mistress also  
83. and all the little babies that round the table grow  
84. their pockets full of money the bottles full of beer  
85. a merry christmas guizards and a happy new year  
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