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Bassingham Childrens play Xmas 1823
Pace, Peace, or Paste Egging [Hulme, 1842]

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Line Bassingham Childrens play Xmas 1823 Pace, Peace, or Paste Egging [Hulme, 1842]
1. here comes i that has never been yet here comes i who never came yet
2. with my great head and little wit with my big head and little wit
3. my head is great my wit is smawl although my wit be ever so small
4. i will act the fools part to please you all  
5. i have a few little boys standing at the door  
6. in ribings neatly dreast  
7. and for to please you all they shal do thier best  
8. step in merrymen all  
9. good master and good misteriss as you sit by the fire  
10. remember us poor plowlads that runs through muck and mire  
11. the mire it is deep we travel far and near  
12. and we thank you for a christmas box and a mug of your strong beer  
13. i am my father eldestson the air of all his land  
14. i hope a short time it will all fall in my hand  
15. i was brought up at lincecort all the days of my life  
16. thre stands a fair lady i wish she was my wife  
17. with fingers long and rings upon made of the beaten gold  
18. good master and mistres i would have you to behold  
19. it tis my clothing you admire  
20. not my beauty you desire  
21. so gentle sir i must away  
22. i have other suteers on me stay  
23. here comes the farming man  
24. upon my princeable for to stand  
25. i am come to woo this lady fair  
26. to gain her love is all my care  
27. to gain my love it will not do  
28. you speake too clownish for to woo  
29. wit a man and i will have none  
30. a man for wit i am the best  
31. and i hope your love i shall rejest  
32. a lawyer i supose you be  
33. you play your cause so wittlely  
34. but by and by i will tell you plain  
35. you play your corse its all in vain  
36. here comes old dame jane  
37. being dabbleing about the medows  
38. jumping about to show such sport  
39. look about you old maids and widows  
40. long time i have sought you but now i have found you  
41. sory come take your bastard  
42. bastard you bitch its non of mine it is not a bit like me  
43. i am a valient man just come from sea  
44. you never seed me before now did you  
45. no  
46. i slew ten men with a mace mustord seed  
47. and ten thousand men with an old crusht toad  
48. what do you think to that jiny  
49. if you dont be of with you i will serve you the same  
50. here comes the poor old ancient man  
51. i speak for myself the best i can  
52. my old grey hairs they hang so low  
53. i must speak for myself the best i now  
54. looks old man and never fear  
55. wipe thy eyes and thou will see clear  
56. methinks me sees yon stars shine bright  
57. to you i fixt my harts delight  
58. a way a way from me begone  
59. do you think i should have such an old man as you  
60. no i would have one of high degree  
61. kick me lady out of doors  
62. for i will be hanged upon our kitchen door  
63. if ever i come near you any more  
64. here comes saint george the champion bold i am a noble champion bold
65. and with my bloody spear i won ten thousand pounds in gold  
66. i fought the dragon and brought hin to is slaughter was it not i who fought the fiery dragon and brought him down to slaughter
67. and by that means i won kings williams daughter  
68. i will turn myself around and see who i can see if i can see that man that dare fase me  
69. i will hash him and smash him as small as flies i will hash thee and smash thee as small as flies
70. and send him into jamaica to make minch pies  
71. prithee fellow hold thy noise tell me no more of these lies  
72. my blood it rise when first i heard that thing  
73. i will stand before thy fase if thou be some king  
74. no king am i thou can plainly see  
75. but with my sword i will answer the  
76. five pounds for the doctor my husband to cure  
77. i m the doctor mam i m the doctor here comes the doctor
78. pray what do you cure but doctor what can s thou cure
79. the itch pox loosic palsy and the gout the itch pox the palsy and the gout
80. all agues and pains within and without i can cure the plague within the plague without
81. where did you learn your skill doctor  
82. i travled for it 1. by my travels
2. i have travelled far
83. where have you travled for it 1. i have travelled
2. where has t thou travelled
84. i travell d from my bed side to my old grandmothers bread and cheese cupboard from the bedside to the cupboard side and from the cupboard side to the bedside back again
85. and there s had a many a rare piece of bread and cheese  
86. try your skil doctor  
87. i will feel of this mans pults  
88. take a little of my snifsnafs here take a sup of my nip nap
89. and snuf up your snifsnafs and slip it down thy tip tap
90. this man he his not dead but in a trance  
91. so rise up my lads and take a dance  
92. i am come to invite you all to my wifes weding  
93. what you like best you must bring on with you  
94. how should i no what every body likes  
95. some likes fish others likes flesh  
96. but as for myself i like some good pottaty gruel  
97. so what you like the best you must bring on with you  
98. we will have a jovel weding the fiddle shall merrily play  
99. ri forlaurel laddy ri forlaurel lay  
100. w ll have long taild porrage a puding of barley meal  
101. ri forlaurel laddy ri forlaurel lay  
102. w ll have a good salt hering and relish a quart of ale  
103. ri forlaurel laddy ri forlaurel lay  
104. w ll have a lim of a lark and w ll have a louse to roast  
105. w ll have a farthing loaf and cut a good thumping toast  
106. ri forlaurel laddy ri forlaurel lay  
107. w ll have a jovel weding the fiddle shall merrily play  
108. good master and good mistres now our fool is gone  
109. we will make it in our busness to follow him along  
110. we thank you for sobillity as you have shown us here  
111. so i wish you all your healths and a hapy new year  
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