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T.Wilson's Alexander Chapbook [1810-1826]
Christmas Play from Hampshire - 1859

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Line T.Wilson's Alexander Chapbook [1810-1826] Christmas Play from Hampshire - 1859
1. silence brave gentlemen if you will give an eye  
2. alexander is my name i ll sing a tragedy  
3. a ramble here i took the country for to see  
4. three actors i have brought so far from italy  
5. the first i do present he is a noble king  
6. he st just come from the wars good tidings he doth bring  
7. the next that doth come in he is a doctor good  
8. had it not been for him i d surely lost my blood  
9. old dives is the next a miser you may see  
10. who by lending of his gold is come to poverty  
11. so gentlemen you see our actors will go round  
12. stand of a little while more pastime will be found  
13. room room brave gallants give us room to sport  
14. for in this room we wish for to resort  
15. resort and to repeat to you our merry rhyme  
16. for remember good sirs this is christmas time  
17. the time to cut up goose pies now doth appear  
18. so we are come to act our merry christmas here  
19. at the sound of the trumpet and beat of the drum  
20. make room brave gentlemen and let our actors come  
21. we are the merry actors that traverse the street  
22. we are the merry actors that fight for our meat  
23. we are the merry actors that show pleasent play  
24. step in thou king of egypt and clear the way  
25. i am the king of egypt as plainly doth appear  
26. and prince george he is my only son and heir  
27. step in therefore my son and act thy part with me  
28. and show forth thy fame before the company  
29. i am prince george a champion brave and bold  
30. for with my spear i ve won three crowns of gold  
31. twas i that brought the dragon to the slaughter i fought the fiery dragon i put him to a slaughter
32. and i that gain d the egyptian monarch s daughter and that was how i won the king of egypt s daughter
33. in egypt s fields i prisoner long was kept  
34. but by my valour i from them escap d  
35. i sounded loud at the gate of a divine  
36. and out came a giant of no good design  
37. he gave me a blow which almost struck me dead  
38. but i up with my sword and cut off his head  
39. hold slacker hold pray do not be so hot  
40. for in this spot thou know st not who thou st got  
41. tis i that s to hash thee and smash thee as small as flies i ll conquer this paynim knight i ll hack him into dust
42. and send thee to satan to make mince pies  
43. minch pies hot minch pies cold  
44. i ll send thee to satan ere thou rt three days old  
45. but hold prince george before thou go away  
46. either you or i must die this bloody day  
47. some mortal wounds thou shalt receive by me  
48. so let is fight it out most manfully  
49. curs d christian what is this thou hast done  
50. thou hast ruin d me by killing my best son  
51. he gave me challenge why should i him deny  
52. how high he was but see how low he lies  
53. o sambo sambo help me now  
54. for i was never more in need  
55. for thee to stand with sword in hand  
56. and to fight at my command  
57. yes my liege i will thee obey  
58. and by my sword i hope to win the day  
59. yonder stands he who has kill d my master s son  
60. and has his ruin thoughtlessly begin  
61. i ll try if he be sprung from royal blood  
62. and through his body make an ocean flood  
63. gentlemen you see my sword s point is broke  
64. or else i d run it through that villain s throat  
65. is there never a doctor to be found  
66. that can cure my son of his deadly wound is there no doctor here to heal this bleeding wound
67. yes there is a doctor to be found 1. oh yes there s a doctor now has come doctor sound
2. a better doctor than i could nowhere be found
68. that can cure your son of his deadly wound is there no doctor here to heal this bleeding wound
69. what diseases can he cure  
70. o horrible terrible the like was never seen  
71. a man drove out of seven senses into fifteen  
72. and out of fifteen into fourscore  
73. o horrible terrible the like was ne er before  
74. thou silly ass that liv st on grass dost thou abuse a stranger  
75. i live in hopes to buy new ropes and tie thy nose to a manger  
76. sir unto you i bend  
77. stand of thou slave i think thee not my friend  
78. a slave sir that s for me by far too base a name  
79. that word deserves to stab thine honour s fame  
80. to be stabb d sir is least of all my care  
81. appoint your time and place i ll meet you there  
82. i ll cross the water at the hour of five  
83. i ll meet you there sir if i be alive  
84. but stop sir i ll wish you a wife both lusty and young  
85. can talk dutch french and the italian tongue  
86. i ll have none such  
87. why dont you love your learning  
88. yes i love my learning as i love my life  
89. i love a learned scholar but not a learned wife  
90. stand off etc  
91. sir to express thy beauty i m no able  
92. for thy face shines like the very kitchen table  
93. thy teeth are no whiter than the charcoal etc  
94. stand off thou dirty dog or by my sword thou lt die  
95. i ll make thy body full of holes and cause thy buttons to fly  
96. oh what is here oh what is to be done  
97. our king is slain the crown is likewise gone  
98. take up the body bear it hence away  
99. for in this place no longer shall it stay  
100. bouncer buckler velvet s dear  
101. and christmas comes but once a year  
102. though when it comes it brings good cheer  
103. but farewell christmas once a year  
104. farewell farewell adieu friendship and unity  
105. i hope we have made sport and pleas d the company  
106. but gentlemen you see we re but actors four  
107. we ve done our best and the best can do no more  
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