Folk Play Distribution Map: George the Valiant Knight

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Folk Play Distribution Map: George the Valiant Knight
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Key Earliest Example of Variant Approx.Date No.of Scripts
red i am saint george that valiant knight 1788 12
aqua here comes in prince george 1812-1832 5
blue i am king george this noble knight 1864 9
  1. Known composite scripts prepared by known authors have been omitted.
  2. Chapbooks, broadsides, and other commercial texts have been omitted.


This map is an improved version of one that appeared in my PhD thesis (Millington, 2002, pp.274-275, Map 19). In this version, generated by the Scripts Explorer, the markers coloured, whereas the original map was in monochrome. The scripts database has also grown slightly since 2002 (Millington, 1994-2006).

The third introductory speech is "George that valiant knight / Who shed his blood for England's rights". This occurs throughout mainland Britain, but appears to be concentrated (or at least less diluted) in the Cotswolds (Grid square SP). Here, he tends to be King George, whereas north and south of this region he is more likely to be Saint George (see Map 19). George the valiant knight is primarily associated with Slasher, appearing with him 11 times in the database, whereas he only appears with the Turk 3 times, and with both 3 times (one of which is J.H.Ewing's composite text).

Peter Millington


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Peter Millington (2002) The Origins and Development of English Folk Plays
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Peter Millington (2004-2021) Folk Play Scripts Explorer
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