Folk Play Distribution Map: Big Head quatrain

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Key Earliest example of variant Approx. Date
black hear cums i that never came yet... 1779
  hear cums i that never came yet 1779
  i hauve a great head but i hauve but aletil wit 1779
  tho my head be great and my wits be small 1779
blue i can play the fol for awhile as well as the best of them all 1779
yellow wether irise or wether ifoll 1785-1789
red i will do my endeavour to please you all 1785-1789
aqua and i ve brought my fiddle to please you all 1780
lime so i ll play ye a tune to plaze ye all 1851
fuchsia i call myself the best man among them all 1870
1. Omit known composite scripts prepared by literary authors
2. Omit chapbooks, broadsides & commercial texts


This map derives from a map published by Mike Preston (2002), and worked up using data from the Historical Database of Folk Play Scripts (Millington, 1994-2006).

Peter Millington


Peter Millington (1994-2006) Historical Database of Folk Play Scripts
Internet URL:, 1999-2006, accessed 27th Jun.2009

Michael Preston (2003) Reading Chapbooks Closely: Gleaning Evidence about their Composition, History, and Relationship to Oral Traditions
in: Folk Drama Studies Today: The International Traditional Drama Conference 2002, ed. by E.Cass & P.Millington
Sheffield, Traditional Drama Research Group, 2003, ISBN 0-9508152-3-3, pp.133-176     [PDF Download - 3.02MB]

This map was generated from the Folk Play Scripts Explorer.
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